Why you need a Professional Arborist for Your Tree Care Project

park-423125_1920Although tree care work may look simple, it is actually complex and complicated. Furthermore, large projects such as woodchipping and tree removal are extremely dangerous. Those who have attempted large tree care projects by themselves have been victims of injuries and death as a result of carelessness, faulty equipment, or falling limbs.

Professional arborists can provide you with solutions and information about your tree care project. Never attempt any tree care work when you are not confident of your safety. Safety is not only important but the cornerstone of tree care work. Arborists are qualified professionals with the experience to navigate and avoid hazards. They will help you in determining the best way you can safely handle the tree care project at hand.

Here are some of the factors that cause accidents:

  • Improper equipment: Most homeowners use tree care equipment that is either faulty or substandard. A tool that is dull is a threat to your safety and might cause a terrible accident. Misusing or losing control of the tools and equipment will be a direct admission to the hospital bed.
  • Insufficient or lack of knowledge. Knowledge on tree biology and physics is crucial when it comes to tree care work. If you aimlessly hack away at the tree using a chainsaw or an axe, you are basically preparing for a visit to the hospital. In most cases, homeowners tend to remove limbs in large sections when cutting corners. It then becomes difficult to control the weight of the limb section. The victim in such cases will either be the tree or you.
  • Extension Ladders. Think twice before using an extension ladder for the tree care work. However, if you use one make sure it is set on something steady enough to get the reach needed. Most fatalities use a ladder that doesn’t extend by a minimum of 3 feet beyond the branch. The branch ends up rising past the ladder resulting in an accident.

Avoid the possibility of having an injury or save a life by contacting a professional arborist. Professional tree care companies will also help you in the large tree care projects. Some of the areas an arborist will help you with include:

  • The removal of tree portions without causing damage to your property
  • Identifying decayed, damaged, or diseased trees and branches.
  • Preventing falls from a tree that is being worked on.
  • Avoiding overhead electrical installations or wires.

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